Ways to Use Your Care Plan Update Minutes

care plan update minutes graphic.

I had a fairly new client ask me recently what my other clients use their Update Minutes for. She hadn’t used any of her available minutes yet. I gave her a few ideas but then thought I’d spend a few minutes thinking about this, and making the list available to everyone.

So without further ado, here are some of the ways you can use your Update Minutes to make changes to your website:

  • #1 – Add a blog post to the blog (download my free Blog Post Template)
  • Add a blog, if don’t already have one
  • Replace an old pdf with a new version (i.e. Rescission calendar or brochure)
  • Update business hours or service area
  • Add more Q and As to an FAQ page
  • Add more badges for things people get certified in (with link) - not just notaries
  • Add online scheduling
  • Change email provider (settings need to be changed on the server)
  • Update your website’s logo
  • Change the website’s accent color(s)
  • Add a new batch of photos for new products/services
  • Add or update text content on existing page or add a new page
  • Add an event to a page or an events calendar
  • Add a Blog ‘section’ to the Home page (3 most recent)
  • Add a Mission Statement
  • Add RECAPTCHA to a contact form
  • Redesign their Services page
  • Add Google/Yelp/FB reviews section
  • Update their headshot photo
  • Add a second business location
  • Update a popup’s text
  • Dress up an older page with subtitles, bolding and more
  • Set up Google Search Console
  • Submit an XML Sitemap to Google and other search engines
  • Transfer domain registrations to a better Registrar
  • Transfer hosting account to a better host


Additionally, my clients get “Tech Guidance” minutes. This is roughly 15 minutes per month; unused Tech Guidance time doesn’t roll over like the Update Minutes do. The #1 reason to use Tech Guidance seems to be forwarding an email to me to review for legitimacy or spam.


If you're not sure if what you want to do is covered, contact me! 
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Keep in mind not everything is applicable to Care Plan minutes but most tasks are!

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