Calm Therapy (psychotherapist)

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The Client: Kalpana Asok has 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist in the South Bay region of the San Francisco Bay (though she accepts patients residing anywhere within California via teletherapy). She is also the author of two books, and is writing another. 

What Happened: Kalpana's website was starting to look dated and needed to be updated to keep up with current trends and technological advancements. Plus she wanted to really start highlighting the writing side of her creativity and get her books shown more prominently.

Tech Side: I built the new site using the Beaver Builder theme. We added a page for just the Books, which allows her to direct patients and other clinicians directly to the page when needed.

This client keeps a KMS Care Plan in place, which allows her peace of mind not worrying about backups, updates, monthly minutes towards making changes, and much more.