KMS does not offer copywriting for your website pages. Page content must be supplied by the client. However, for those clients who would like some help writing content for their website pages, please consider contacting someone from the resource list below. If errors are found, please notify me.

For small businesses just starting out, it can be difficult to wrap your head around additional expenditures like copy-writing. However, I highly recommend talking to a copywriter to at least write one or two of your 'Cornerstone' pages (main pages like your Home page, and Services page). They can set the tone; and it makes it much easier for you to follow along for the other pages within a website.

Hi, I'm Lisa Stambaugh. I've always loved writing —  yes, even high school English papers —  and thought it was my Lisa Stambaughdream job. However, counselors suggested pursuing a more lucrative tech career, saying "you're pretty good at math for a girl." Engineering and Computer Science it was, then.

Fast-forward to the mid-90's: managing an IT department, websites arrived on the scene. As the lone female web designer surrounded by male "Webmasters," I laughingly called myself The Web Diva® and it stuck with me. After exiting the IT world, freelance web work was my next step. Frustration quickly stemmed from clients unable to deliver their essential website content — especially About pages.

I developed content for hundreds of my web clients, then branched out to serve folks hiring other (non-writing) web pros. After 23+ years building 700+ websites, I retired from web design to focus fully on my writing work.

Has writing got you flustered?

  • Does writing seem like a daunting, difficult, and dreaded task; too overwhelming to start?
  • Are you confused about what belongs where, and how to make it all consistent?
  • Does modesty prevent you from highlighting your skills, concerned you’ll sound "braggy"?

Book a discovery call to learn how we can make Much Ado About You! ®

Susan Greene"I have over 25 years of experience as a full-time professional copywriter and marketing consultant. I've worked with all types of businesses,  from technology companies and industrial manufacturers to retailers and service providers. I help companies increase sales by creating effective marketing materials---websites, brochures, sales letters, press releases and more.

I have a BS in journalism from Syracuse University and an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. Although based in Orlando, Florida, I work with clients throughout the U.S. and the world. Please check out the portfolio and client testimonials on my website and then contact me for a no-obligation quote on your copywriting project."

Susan has written a blog post outlining the top 10 FAQs about hiring a copywriter. It's a good read, no matter which copywriter you go with.

You may want to also read Susan's blog post about the top 7 reasons to hire a copywriter, instead of doing it yourself.