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Website Design

Mobile-Responsive. New Websites. Refresh a website. Finish a website. Perhaps you need to have a SSL certificate applied to your site to make it more secure and to increase your rankings. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not all websites are equal when it comes to SEO. I believe in a balanced approach using the 3 SEO categories.  I like to start with what I call the lowest-hanging fruit - where your site benefits a big impact.

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Hosting | Domain Registration

Help with choosing your domain and getting it registered. Help with getting a hosting account to store your web files. Help with migrating from a toxic host to something better. 

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Website Maintenance Care Plans

Protect your investment with a KMS Care Plan. KNOW that your website is being backed up, updated and scanned for malware. Plus, all plans include monthly website update minutes!

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The Hard Lesson I learned When I (Almost) Got Swindled by a Scary Phone Scammer

Can you say “Con Man”? First of all, I’ll tell you that I’m pretty suspicious of most emails and fishy voicemails. Secondly, this criminal kept me on the phone for about an hour, and it was a very scary hour. This is an ugly story to tell; mostly because I preach to my clients about…
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care plan update minutes graphic.

Ways to Use Your Care Plan Update Minutes

I had a fairly new client ask me recently what my other clients use their Update Minutes for. She hadn’t used any of her available minutes yet. I gave her a few ideas but then thought I’d spend a few minutes thinking about this, and making the list available to everyone. So without further ado,…
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google business sites are discontinued.

Websites Created From Google Business Profiles Are Going Away – March 2024

Why is this important? Do you have any websites where the URL ends with Maybe you still post occasionally to your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), and the post displays on the website? Historically, Google used to offer a feature that allowed for the creation of a simple website (which…
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KMS offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Ranking of content in search engine results (Google, Bing, Chrome) basically comes down to two key elements: 1. how relevant the search result was to their search words (keywords), and 2. how authoritative that content comes across. Consequently, what should end up on your website's page is clear, condensed, focused content that contains words, and related words, that match what people are searching for online.

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About Kerri Marvel Services

I have several different career paths under my belt, from food to computer-related to sales over the years. I'm currently doing what I love; helping entrepreneurs run their businesses!


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Rick Rolfe

Kerri has been constructing my website for my mobile notary service. From the beginning, she has thoroughly explained the process of website building and has helped me understand more clearly what is involved. In addition, we have discussed SEO and the importance of using keywords on my site to get clicks and appointments. She covers all bases and the details when building and is thorough. It also helps that she has a very friendly and calm personality. Thank you Kerri!!

Laura Biewer

Laura Biewer

Kerri reached out to me several years back as one notary to another and we discussed how we could help each other. I thought what better way to see her skill than have her design the Notary Symposium website and Facebook page for us. She is also the brains behind the email blasts and postings. I since had Kerri design my coaching brochures and she has been a wealth of information that has helped me grow my business. It is not enough to have a website, you need an effective web presence that turns visitors into clients!


Melissa Snodgrass

I am so happy I was referred to Kerri and I love my new website! I got so much more than I expected! Kerri made sure I knew what was going on and explained every step. Kerri is professional and my website reflects that!

gyselle escobar

Gysselle Escobar

I came across Kerri's website solution business through the Notary Symposium attendee welcome box. I reached out to inquire about dual application integration technology for my website. After a few minutes of evaluation, she advised that I'd need a website developer versus website designer which is her specialty. She referred me to a trusted third party who specializes in this area of work. Not only did she give me her time, expertise, and referral to someone can assist me further, she gave me knowledge and superior customer service! Don't hesitate to use her services.

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