Founded and operated by Kerri Marvel

I have decades of experience performing excellent customer service. I worked for a Fortune 1000 company for over 20 years in various capacities (from technical support to sales and everything in between) before leaving for culinary school, and to open my own catering biz and restaurant. After 7 years in the food business, I went back to the computer side of things, and started a company where I provided virtual assistance to small-to-medium companies in the form of website creation and maintenance, email marketing and newsletters, and social media.

Kerri is a Website DesignerKerri Marvel

I have been doing website work for over 13 years. I have recently added many more services to my offering mix, such as WordPress Website Care Plans and installing SSL certificates on websites to make them secure. I have been learning how to create websites in a new way, using "Beaver Builder". This allows me to have so much more control over the appearance of a website. I have been getting more and more into SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Until you get to know SEO and begin to understand it, it's hard to explain, but now I can't think about creating a website, or talking about refreshing the look of an older one, without extolling the many virtues of an optimized site. See my SEO packages here.

Kerri is also a LegalShield Associate

I am an authorized associate to enroll people in the LegalShield family of products. I started doing this in early 2019 and with every month that goes by, I learn more and more about what their products can do and what it means to the people the plans protect. Headquartered in Oklahoma, LegalShield is not a new company; they have been around for almost 50 years. Their flagship product is their membership-based legal plan. There are various types; to cover either people or businesses. There are numerous versions to cover businesses. I also have a membership; having the prepaid legal plan in place for myself and my husband, a legal plan to cover my business (KMS), and the best identity protection out there, IDShield. IDShield costs one-third what the well-known LifeLock costs, yet covers so much more, that they're almost like different products. Look at what IDShield does: monitors my social security card, all my credit/debit/store cards, passport, medical record, social media, driver's license, dark web, court records. Best of all, if my identity is hacked, MY PLAN PAYS to have a team of private investigators restore my identity to before-event status, however long it takes, up to $5,000,000! I welcome all questions. Follow me on my LegalShield facebook page:

Kerri is a Notary

I was a full-time, California-commissioned Notary Public, and an NNA-certified Signing Agent for loan and refinance documents for 8 years (2013-2021). Now that I have moved to Nevada (2021), I have become a Nevada notary, having just received my commission in January 2022. A separate website for notary work is in the process of being created ( I hope to specialize in Reverse Mortgage loans in 2022.

I look forward to working with you!