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The Hard Lesson I learned When I (Almost) Got Swindled by a Scary Phone Scammer

By Kerri Marvel | Jun 20, 2024

Can you say “Con Man”? First of all, I’ll tell you that I’m pretty suspicious of most emails and fishy voicemails. Secondly, this criminal kept me on the phone for about an hour, and it was a very scary hour. This is an ugly story to tell; mostly because I preach to my clients about…

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care plan update minutes graphic.

Ways to Use Your Care Plan Update Minutes

By Kerri Marvel | Mar 14, 2024

I had a fairly new client ask me recently what my other clients use their Update Minutes for. She hadn’t used any of her available minutes yet. I gave her a few ideas but then thought I’d spend a few minutes thinking about this, and making the list available to everyone. So without further ado,…

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google business sites are discontinued.

Websites Created From Google Business Profiles Are Going Away – March 2024

By Kerri Marvel | Feb 22, 2024

Why is this important? Do you have any websites where the URL ends with Maybe you still post occasionally to your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business), and the post displays on the website? Historically, Google used to offer a feature that allowed for the creation of a simple website (which…

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facebook scam.

Facebook Scams – What to Watch For

By Kerri Marvel | Jan 10, 2024

Don’t be fooled into giving anything away.  Scammers are getting better all the time. Sometimes their posts or emails can be very convincing. Many clients and friends (including myself) received a version of the image you see in this article – Facebook appears to be letting you know they will be taking your page down…

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How to be sure your website is not just Mobile-Friendly but fully Mobile-Useable

By Kerri Marvel | Sep 21, 2023

Why is this important? Because more and more people are using smartphones to do internet searches, and if your website isn’t Mobile Useable, your business has a much lower chance to even be seen. The primary reason why your site needs to be mobile-friendly is so you can deliver a great user experience to everyone…

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new blog post typed on paper sitting in typewriter

Interested in Starting a Blog?

By Kerri Marvel | May 31, 2023

Now available! Get my free tool, a KMS-designed blog post template. Click here to download the template! This is a detailed How-To article, guaranteed to get your Blog started! Many of my clients seem to be coming to me lately with an interest in starting a blog on their website. I’ve been spending a lot…

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Don’t fall for it – Be aware of these SEO Scams

By Kerri Marvel | Mar 18, 2023

Another Scam is on the Rise – Be Aware of These SEO Scams Another scam is on the rise – Receiving an email offering to help you fix SEO issues on your website.   I hear from my clients frequently about this – when they forward an email to me asking, is this real? I…

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time to refresh

15 Signs Your Website May Need To Be Refreshed

By Kerri Marvel | Mar 7, 2023

This article updated by Kerri Marvel on December 4, 2023. Following is a list of some sure signs your website may need an overhaul. Any one or two of the following elements is reason enough; if your site has 5 or more, it’s definitely time! I’d love to help you refresh your site! Take a…

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SEO graphic

SEO has changed over the last 10 years!

By Kerri Marvel | Mar 2, 2023

Some years ago (2016), I came across this interesting article from one of my whitepaper resources. In reviewing it this week (mid March 2023), it is still relevant today and the points made are still super important. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) continually changes and evolves but the mainstays remain the same! (article is from an…

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