The Document Diva (Mobile Notary)

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Above is an image of the newly refreshed website's Home page (top half)
Below is the previous version

previous version of the doc diva website screenshot

The Client: LaShon James-Major, otherwise known as The Document Diva, has been a mobile notary for almost 20 years in the Long Beach area (Los Angeles). 

What Happened: LaShon wanted to update her website for quite a while but kept putting it off. She got pushed into it when her hosting company advised her they were shutting down the hosting side of their company (, part of VistaPrint) and would be transferring her account to a new host.

LaShon decided to make her move. She was worried about keeping her SEO ranking and knew some of her old pages were no longer going to be used (but were linked in lots of various places over the last 20 years). I explained that I'd be creating 301 redirects for any pages where the URL changed. Problem solved!

Tech Side: I built the new site using the Beaver Builder theme. LaShon has built up dozens of 5-star reviews on Google (and Yelp) over the years. I added capability that feeds the current 10 reviews right onto her home page. Also, working in the Los Angeles area provides a customer base where many languages are used. I added a translate button, that when toggled to a new language instantaneously gives those speakers full understanding and access to her website. 

This client keeps a KMS Care Plan in place, which allows her peace of mind not worrying about backups, updates, monthly minutes towards making changes, and much more.