Facebook Scams – What to Watch For

facebook scam.

Don't be fooled into giving anything away. 

Scammers are getting better all the time. Sometimes their posts or emails can be very convincing. Many clients and friends (including myself) received a version of the image you see in this article – Facebook appears to be letting you know they will be taking your page down (usually a business page) because you did something wrong. The scammer wants to scare you into clicking on something; usually leading to paying money, sending gift cards, or getting some malware on your device.


This article is about Facebook, but could be applied to any social media channel, or direct email received by you.

Reader’s Digest published this incredibly detailed article on Facebook scams – and can be applied to any online channels, including suspicious emails. I highly recommend taking a look.


Typical scams: (but not all!)

  • Cloned page – friends asking you to friend them, again
  • Fake fundraisers
  • Giveaway scams
  • Quiz scams
  • Fake coupon codes
  • Job scams


  • Don’t click on anything!
  • Instead, login directly through your browser
  • Use strong, unique passwords
  • If an email, look at the email address in the From line – does it match the supposed sender?
  • Delete friend requests from people you don’t know


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